Join the Revolution.

Download and run a node to complete Koi Tasks,
partake in the consensus algorithm, and earn KOI.

Download and run a node to:
Complete Koi Tasks
Partake in the consensus algorithm
Earn KOI.

How it works

1. Download (and run) a node

A Koi node runs in the background on your computer, allowing you to be a part of the consensus process, completing KOI Tasks set by others.

2. Earn KOI

When you complete KOI Tasks, you are rewarded with KOI tokens. KOI can be spent to request other nodes to run Tasks, or traded.

3. Create Tasks, add to the Network

With your KOI, you can set bounties for Tasks, accomplishing your goal while contributing to the permanent archive.

Keep scrolling for more details about each phase.

Running a node

When you run your node, it will execute Koi Tasks, which help us build the public knowledge archive.

You’ll earn KOI rewards for every task completed, plus you can also stake the tokens you earn to get more!

Building public information systems makes the internet more transparent, and helps provide an unbiased source of truth in our confusing world.

Earn KOI for completing Tasks

When your node completes a task, you earn KOI tokens for participating and verifying the network.

You can select Tasks based on their reward amount or simply run your node for all available Tasks.

Create Tasks and contribute to the archive

Our transparent economy builds and shares public data in the open. Whenever your content is viewed, you’ll be eligible to earn some of the new KOI which are created daily.

The Koi Network is designed to make it easy for everyone to work together to build the common archive.

Help create the future. Get your node now.

Are you a developer and what to know more about how to build on Koi?
Check out our brand new SDK.

Are you a developer and what to know more about how to build on Koi?
Check out our brand new SDK.