The First Framework for Decentralized Web Apps

Build dApps on Koi in less than 5 minutes.

dApps run on Koi are compatible with any blockchain

Like Wordpress for websites or Ruby on Rails for centralized web apps, Koi makes it fast and easy to build a decentralized app.

You can create an app with just a few commands in a CLI or visit our Developer’s SDK to start working with our dApp templates.

Create a dApp using the CLI running on
existing Koi Task contracts

Users interact with the dApp and Koi
Nodes verify the contracts

Change the world, build on Koi

All of the developer documentation is in the docs portal.

The Koi Web Fund is live! If you have a great idea for a new decentralized app to build on Koi, apply for a KOI grant to help fund your project.