About Koi
Koi brings back personal ownership, rewarding creators for quality through the revolutionary attention economy.
What is Koi?
Koi is a new ecosystem and economy based on attention. The ecosystem comprises three main parts.
To keep the ecosystem thriving, KOI tokens are systematically exchanged between different participants.
The future of the internet is quality content freely available to anyone, not stuck behind paywalls or unskippable ads, and where already-wealthy companies aren’t profiting from your personal data.
Attention is valuable,
let’s treat it that way.
The Koi Team
Alexander Morris
Founder & Architect
Kayla Kroot
Creative Director
Abel Sebhatu
Technology Director
Colin Zarzour
Operations Director
John Hrzic
Marketing Director
Ghazanfer Anwar
Lead Systems Developer
Anna Godfrey
Public Relations
Dong Jin
Lead Storecat Developer
Andre Vallestero
Systems Developer
Makda Sebhatu
Smart Contract Dev
Salman Arshad
Lead Spam Prevention Developer
Soma Li
Jr UX Developer
Yang Mi
Sr UX Developer
Srikanth Bezawada
Developer Relations
Sandeep Singh
Community Manager
Ahmad Kayyali
Lead UX Developer
Nick Parolini
Community Lead
Sam Williams
CEO, Arweave
Peter Yang
Fenbushi Capital
Charlotte Kapoor
Outlier Ventures
Brendan Joyce
Kiefer Burgess
University of Waterloo
Matus Steiss
Outlier Ventures
Kevin Abosch
Animoka Studios