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General Information

What is Koi?

Koi is a framework for building decentralized applications (often called “dApps”) quickly and efficiently.

Why is Koi sometimes written in all caps but not always?

Koi refers to the organization and its artifacts, which includes topics like the Koi Protocol, the Koi Network, and Koi Tasks. KOI refers to the token that Koi uses to run the network. When you earn rewards, you earn KOI tokens from running a Koi node.

Why do I sometimes see references to goldfish?

Koi nodes are like goldfish, because they do not have a very long memory. Instead, we store things permanently on Arweave.

Koi and goldfish are both part of the carp family, and in the very first iterations of this project were called goldfish. We lovingly refer to our gold and red mascot as a goldfish and sometimes compare the power of giant schools of goldfish to the power of the Koi network in homage to our roots.

What are dApps?

A dApp (shorthand for “decentralized application”) is just like any other website, except the users collectively own all the data. Most websites are hosted centrally, which means that all the data processed by that site is stored in a server farm owned by the company. In Koi’s model, the network (and therefore, all the data) is owned by all the Node Agents who run Koi on their personal computers. Being decentralized means that no single entity decides what happens to that data.

Running a node

What is a Koi node?

A Koi node is a small amount of software that runs on your computer, connecting you with other computers to create the Koi Network. Anyone can create a Task and use the Koi Network to accomplish those Tasks. You earn KOI tokens based on how many Tasks you participate in.

Do I need a super powerful computer to run a Koi node?

Nope! The Koi node is small and compact. It uses less than 250MB of harddrive space and less than 1GB of RAM. It’s a lot like running a music player app.

Can anybody run a node?

Yes! We will soon be coming out with a node that is easy to use and interact with for anyone. The first version of the node uses the Command Line Interface (CLI), which can be challenging to navigate if you are not a developer. That said, when it launches, we will have a step-by-step tutorial so anyone can learn how.

How do I download a Koi node?

The beta (CLI) node should be available very soon. We will make a big announcement so make sure you are pre-registered.

KOI Tokens

I want some KOI tokens. How can I get them?

Right now, you can visit the KOI Faucet to get some free KOI. Then you should register an NFT (or make one) on koi.rocks so you can start earning KOI through attention rewards!
Very soon, you will be able to run a Koi node and earn by renting a very small amount of space on your computer to help keep the network running. Pre-register now!


I have a great idea for a dApp to run on Koi. How can I get started?

Koi has a Web Fund that gives out KOI grants to help interesting projects get moving. Apply for a grant here.


Can I mint an NFT on Koi?

Yes! You can create NFTs on koi.rocks and they will live forever on the permaweb.
We are about to launch a beta test of Koi’s browser extension and you will be able to create NFTs from the extension. Pre-register now so you don’t miss out!

Get Connected

How do I sign up for the mailing list?

Sign up for the Koi mailing list here.

How do I pre-register to run a Koi node?

Pre-register to run a node with the form here.

How do I pre-register for the Koi browser extension?

Pre-register to get the browser extension with the form here.

Where can I find Koi on social media?